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Gordon-Piatt parts are still available!

OEM Boiler Parts sells new replacement parts for Gordon-Piatt burners. Even though the John-Zink company stopped manufacturing new Gordon-Piatt burners in 2009, replacement parts are still available from OEM Boiler Parts. We stock the most commonly required Gordon-Piatt parts such as cams, pilots, blower wheels, blower motors, and transformers.


Our well-trained and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with identifying and ordering the right parts to keep your Gordon-Piatt burner running for many years to come.


How is OEM Boiler Parts able to offer Gordon-Piatt parts?

Our staff knows Gordon-Piatt burners. OEM Boiler Parts' parent company, Burton Mechanical, was a factory-authorized representative of Gordon-Piatt and we have sold Gordon-Piatt parts for over 15 years. We are dedicated to supporting the Gordon-Piatt customer and have continually invested in acquiring the intellectual property to do so, including registering the Gordon-Piatt trademark.  We have an extensive network of suppliers - fabricators, machining shops, laser cutters, etc. which we have developed over those 15 years to build parts to the original specifications and to our quality levels.


We are NOT a simple buy/resell distributor. We are burner parts specialists.

Below are some of the many Gordon-Piatt parts available from OEM Boiler Parts:

Gordon-Piatt®, Kewanee®, and Iron Fireman® are registered trademarks of Burton Mechanical Ltd. and cannot be used without express written permission.

OEM Boiler Parts Logo
OEM Boiler Parts Logo